Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union

He said the Government was ready for 'any and every eventuality'.
All you need to know from a hectic week in the world of Brexit
New Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab presented the government’s white paper on Brexit to the Commons, which houses details on free movement, trade and how Brexit is proposed to actually work.
Leave-backing minister says those who don't support Theresa May will be held to account.
Very much a Brexiteer, and very much on the Right of the Conservative party’s politics, the 44-year-old is a hard-headed pragmatist who has long impressed his predecessor and other Tory MPs.
Dominic Raab has been announced as Brexit secretary after David Davis announced his resignation, feeling unable to deliver the brexit agreed upon by cabinet ministers on Friday.
A Pret a Manger fan. Will Tory backbenchers like his Brexit menu?
The PM will now be forced to reshuffle her government, following the resignation of the Brexit secretary.