Secretary of State for International Trade

Trade secretary insists he takes environmental issues 'extremely seriously' after he appeared to question the scientific consensus.
Shadow trade secretary warns another vote would be bad for democracy.
Shadow trade secretary has already apologised for other remarks.
Shadow trade secretary branded 'reckless' for Northern Ireland border comments.
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International Trade Secretary strikes tough stance
We cannot afford to sacrifice what’s left of our skeletal principles
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Liam Fox has been slapped down by Downing Street after he claimed UK businesses weren’t doing enough to boost the economy
All but one minister in Theresa May’s cabinet are on record as backing the single market during their political career, new
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  1. NEIGHBOURHOOD BOTCH The police erected 3ft concrete barriers on Westminster, Waterloo and Lambeth bridges yesterday
Britain is “unlikely” to hit its export target, the Secretary of State for International Trade has admitted.  Liam Fox told