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Ministers have confirmed they have used taxpayers' money to produce 50 "impact studies" that look, sector-by-sector, at the likely impact of leaving the EU on the economy and society. But they are refusing to publish any of them.
The government should be open with the British people and make public the information they have to allow for a full and factual debate that covers both the risks and benefits of leaving the European Union and informs the debate about our priorities for Brexit negotiations. It is their responsibility and duty to do so.
The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, has rejected claims that an aide to Jeremy Corbyn “broke into” a Labour
Seema Malhotra says it constituted a 'breach of parliamentary privilege'.
A Labour MP has accused Jeremy Corbyn’s aides and shadow chancellor John McDonnell of entering her House of Commons office
Today Labour set out the choice facing the British public in just under two weeks. It's a choice between Labour investment in growth, jobs and skills on the one hand and even more Tory austerity on the other.
'We need to hear more strong women's voices'
Jeremy Corbyn and Harriet Harman have warned that the EU referendum campaign is being “dominated by Tory men” who should
The five things you need to know on Tuesday May 24, 2016… 1) KNIFE-EDGE VOTE Another day, another relentless bit of heavy
Women stand to lose the most if the UK votes leaves the European Union on 23 June, yet women's voices are being drowned out of the campaign. So far the debate has been dominated by grey men in grey suits trading GDP figures. The facts are critical but we also need to about the issues that affect people's everyday lives and, particularly women's hopes and aspirations for them and their families.
The facts show British economy is in a fragile and vulnerable state. Recent statistics have shown our construction sector shrinking, and industry in recession. Our trade deficit has reached an eight-year low. The consequence for millions of working families is slowing wage growth, fewer job opportunities, increasing insecurity.
I have a good deal of respect for the work that Longworth did at the British Chambers of Commerce. He was a trenchant critic of the Government's failure to rebalance the economy towards infrastructure, exports and the region. But on the European Union, he could not be more wrong.
This Budget was a test for George Osborne, a test to see whether he can deliver a budget that is fair and one that helps us build for the future. It's a test he has failed. Growth is down. Exports are down. Productivity is down. And wage growth and disposable income are down. The only things rising? Debt and the deficit. These are failures that don't deliver on fairness, and don't deliver for the future... This is Osborne's eighth Budget - and his record of failure is there for all to see. The tragedy is that it is ordinary British families who are paying the price of that failure.
George Osborne has been urged by Labour to scrap the ‘tampon tax’ for good, rather than doling out cash from its proceeds
Yesterday I wrote to the National Audit Office (NAO) to ask if they will investigate the process by which HMRC agreed the settlement with Google UK for tax owed between 2005 and 2015.... If Google were paying the corporate tax rate on all its UK earning in 2014 alone it could well have paid around £200million. Yet HMRC has settled for just £130million over ten years, without any transparency or clarity. Little wonder that after George Osborne on Friday heralded this as a "victory", Downing Street has backtracked.
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell this afternoon revealed Labour would reverse the Tory cuts to tax credits – despite two
One of Labour’s most senior Shadow Treasury Ministers this morning refused to confirm if her party would reverse the tax
Even the British Transport Police believe that women-only carriages would be a "retrograde step in Great Britain, which could be thought of as insulting, patronising and shaming to both men and women".
Giving women an equal chance isn't just a women's issue - it's a concern for all of us. That's what One London is all about - a city where women and men are equal, nothing more, nothing less. And that's why I'm backing Tessa Jowell to be Labour's candidate for Mayor.