This is it, we're done. We've enjoyed the ride but now we'd like to get off please. We've tried to hold it off as long as
Solowheel has unveiled its latest gadget at CES 2015, a tiny two-wheeled marvel that looks like a miniature Segway but minus
If you're a police officer patrolling the streets, you need only a few basic things from your vehicle. It needs to be fast
This cool little Segway-esque machine could one day save your life. Working alongside human firefighters its makers hope
A new electric scooter which can fit in a suitcase might just be the vehicle of the future - that is if the Egg Car doesn't
Hyundai has a new concept for the car of tomorrow - and it doesn't involve wheels. The 'E4U' is an egg-shaped, open-topped
So what did you do this weekend? Mow the lawn? Maybe take a trip to the pub? Why not try something out of the ordinary? Two
A student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has created an 'almost self-balancing' electric unicycle which he
When used correctly, a cameraman on a segway can produce some pretty amazing footage. When used incorrectly, a cameraman
Last month the Court of Appeal decided Segways couldn't be used on pavements. It's a pity, because they appeared to be safe and easy to ride, at least for people who are good at staying on things. Not so good, perhaps, for people with a track record of falling off.