Self Portrait

Monica Lazăr’s photos are breathtaking AND educational.
How much of a reaction do you want to get from your guests?
 Pippa Middleton has found a way to make the nearly-naked trend Wimbledon appropriate. The newly-wed’s demure take on the
My fear is only that we are putting out images that strive to hide anything anyone anywhere may think of as flawed. We are transforming the selfie from something strong and good and fun into just another outlet for the perseverance of perfection. Not to mention, we are destroying another art form: the candid photo.
When I think Man Ray, I think painter, filmmaker, poet, experimentalist, philosopher, explorer of fantasy and dreams - and a master of documenting provocative and engaging fashion imagery which challenged the cultural constraints of the visual arts.
Meet the artist who takes being 'immersed in his work' to an entirely new level. Levi Van Veluw fuses sculpture, photography