PC Simon Read faces a misconduct hearing over the alleged incident at Tesco in Cambridge.
Reports suggest more than £3bn worth of goods are stolen through self-service each year.
At the risk of sounding like a grumpy uncle, I feel an unpleasant epidemic sweeping the nation. Namely, we all seem hell
Everyone knows the rage caused by an 'unexpected item in bagging area' message at a self-service checkout. Well the company
Even though the high street may die a death, machines powered by us will probably run the shops that remain open. But this technique of doing things ourselves appears to be running into other areas of our lives.
Nearly one in three Britons has shoplifted from self-service checkouts, according to a study run by financial website
A little while ago, self-service checkouts were finally installed in my local Morrisons. And long overdue they were too, if you're asking me. Not that I'm antisocial or anything. Far from it, I spend my days crouched over a laptop in a book-lined study (alright, book-lined garden shed) because I'm an incorrigible people person.