In many ways the planning system has done a good job: trying to balance competing demands for scarce resources and mediating between economic forces and the views of local communities. And, over the years, it has proved remarkably resilient.
If you're an enthusiastic consumer of news about driverless cars, you will know that the almost universal hardware seen on most research and development vehicles is something called LiDAR. But what is LiDAR and why is it so important?
We could all be saying goodbye to sunburn soon as an Australian team of scientists have come up with a small wearable patch
The next 20 years of technology will make the achievements of the last two decades pale in comparison. That's no mean feat
Once you get over the Geordi La Forge comparisons (what do you mean you've never heard of him? Don't you people watch Star
Tiny sensors which monitor the health of cells have been developed by scientists in a move which could improve the diagnosis