Sentence law

Pc Stephen McGoldrick quit Gloucestershire Police after the "abhorrent images" were found.
Alvin Kennard, 58, from Alabama, has had his jail sentence reduced to time served.
The Brit was hailed as a hero in May 2017 when he found a “kill-switch” that slowed the effects of the WannaCry virus.
"I am committed to making our country the best place in the world for the care and protection of animals," Gove said.
The teenager was convicted of abducting, raping and murdering the six-year-old.
Mohamed Noor is expected to face a 12-year prison sentence.
I was lucky enough to wake up in my own bed the day after sentencing. But the outcome of our trial was a partial victory in a world full of heartbreaking contradictions.
She is the first person to be jailed under new modern slavery laws.