The whole world is going online from accountants to your local pub, every company, shop, organisation and celebrity has an online presence and knowing how they work can only be an advantage.
LinkedIn is trying to be more relevant. In the B2B market it is safe to argue that its value as a social network and communication tool means it should rank above Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.
Sexism in science reinforces an outdated message. It underlines the fact that, for young women, sexist attitudes are a barrier to their involvement in science and technology.
If a PR professional had jumped into a time machine in 2008 and landed in 2012, they would find themselves lost and unemployable. That's because the way customers interact with organisations has changed beyond recognition and the traditional marketing communications model is now all but redundant.
The outside of the tin says wood varnish, and inside it's wood varnish. That's the perfect scenario for the monochrome world that the Google algorithm frequents, but it's bloody boring reading the outside of tins.
Brands that adopt mobile first can take advantage of mobile search by building location data into their search results. Google search on mobile already provides results based on the users location for certain key words - such as food, coffee, petrol station - but only if the user has first agreed for Google to use their location.
I hope you've managed to get past the clumsy headline for this piece, it being my (doomed) attempt to harvest more clicks from the wilds of the internet through the dark arts of what sharp-suited people are calling Search Engine Optimisation. And the Lord above knows how I need to boost my brand, after than nasty business with the bus full of nuns.
Far too many people still think of the internet as a veil which they can hide behind and maintain an online persona that is private; the truth is somewhat more disturbing: The internet is a reflection of exactly who you are and if you're looking to impress, you'd better make sure that your reflection is a true and fair depiction of exactly who you are.
Quality content reigns supreme for anyone managing their reputation online. Whether you're protecting your brand and image or promoting it, without distributing new content on a regular basis, you can quickly be misrepresented on search engines.
I recently had the immense good fortune to be able to talk to Danny Sullivan about search. He has not only been around the industry since its formation but he runs a series of conferences called SMX.