Serial Killers

Her story came out of the blue. A seemingly unnecessary, unprompted confession to a local newspaper reporter that she had
Jurors were also shown this image of Dennehy smiling a posing with a knife (above) and exposing her bra (below) Serial killer
Charles Manson is set to be married again - or at least, that's what his biggest fan and supposed fiancee claims. The notorious
Dale Cregan is being bombard with love letters from female fans in prison, according to reports. As the police killer is
The press have reported Ian Brady is providing his first public explanation for why he murdered five children in the 1960s, in evidence to a mental health review tribunal. Brady, it is reported, has requested the transfer to be allowed to kill himself by starvation. But is he truly bent on suicide, or is this all a charade to get media attention?
Don't blame Hannibal Lecter, he cannot help being a callous murdering monster. Psychopaths lack basic hardwiring in the brain
Here are some of the common misconceptions of mental health I've heard over the years (and calmly kept schtum).
We all sit and watch the TV, tutting and saying "That wouldn't happen," but what do police crime dramas always get wrong
Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe’s personal collection of prison possessions has been put on public display for the first
Why did you write a novel about her? About Myra Hindley, a woman who killed children? It's the question I'm most frequently asked about my novel, Myra, Beyond Saddleworth, and is both hard and easy to answer. The material was dark and disturbing, and many people can't understand why a writer would persevere with it. But that's the point. Unless we look, really look at the terrible things human beings do to each other, we have no chance of understanding how and why they happen.