'Good education, safe jobs, decent pay – all through South African-German partnering.'
Men who have sex with men encounter stigma and prejudice when they use health services.
For the first time since I entered the children and young people's mental health sector more than 30 years ago, I feel like a baseline for realistic expectations of outcomes is finally starting to emerge.
Have you ever found yourself clogged up with a cold, curled up on the sofa, feeling sorry for yourself and drinking copious
Today, robots are being designed to work in close proximities with humans, fulfilling more important job roles in public places.
In the build up to February's European Council Summit on industrial competitiveness, Brussels is in the midst of a major policy review. Industrial strategy is the right topic for Europe to be debating and now is exactly the right time to address it...
Since the beginning of the recession, a high number of retail casualties have resulted in empty buildings filling up our
Britain's economy is feared to have plunged back into the red after figures suggested the powerhouse services sector shrank
When you talk about your business and the products or services you are selling, how passionate are you? Does your face light up when talking about work? Are you smiling? Are you full of energy? Is your voice full of purpose?
It is crazy to think that just five years ago no-one had heard of Dropbox. I struggle to think of anyone, either friend or colleague, that doesn't use the service - or one of its equivalents - for sharing files.