An amount of R5-billion could ultimately be awarded to gold miners suffering from silicosis and tuberculosis, contracted on the mines.
CYPRUS PEACE PROCESS: FAILURE TO LAUNCH? Will a settlement be in line with EU constitution in absence of compliance with
Unless you've been living inside a black hole since the early 1990s, the allusions to the current referendum must be apparent. For as a child of Britain, unable to affect the potential break up of the United Kingdom on Thursday, the naïve response is to feel this is unfair...
Secretary of State John Kerry's efforts to bring both the Palestinian Authority and the Israelis back to the negotiating table should be lauded as a positive step, the obstacles to any potential peace agreement are still ever-present, numerous and seemingly, at the moment, unsolvable.
It is no secret that London is regarded by many people as "the world's divorce capital". That label does not necessarily refer to the number of separations handled by that city's courts or even for its making world record-breaking settlements. Rather, it could be argued that London has developed a unique appeal because of its being regarded as "wife-friendly" in terms of the way in which marital assets have been divided in recent years.
It might sound unromantic but considering what might happen to overseas assets in the event of a break-up and even formalising those plans in something like a post-nup agreement could forestall difficulties between partners - even if it can't ward off a global recession.
An aspiring group of Dutch entrepreneurs and scientists have taken on the interplanetary challenge of colonising Mars. The
There are few words in the English language which generate such a response as 'recession'.