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We used to be the party of democracy. I don't see it now. If we can't even have a debate on the conference floor about the most cataclysmic decision in my lifetime, who are we? Not Labour. I honestly thought by hanging on I could change from within. I can't.
The five things you need to know on Thursday, October 13… 1) SM-OTHER RUSSIA With his pal Donald Trump stumbling in the polls
Lewis planned to say 'I will not seek to change' nuclear policy
Shadow Defence Secretary Clive Lewis was left furious today after his keynote speech on Trident renewal was changed by Jeremy
Jeremy Corbyn’s spin doctor was a candidate for the far-left Maoist Party in school elections in the 1970s, a Tory former
One of Jeremy Corbyn’s most senior aides quit his post amid fears over the party’s failure to reach out to a broader section
The appointment of Seumas Milne as Labour's strategy and communications chief highlights a lack of "professionalism" by Jeremy
So feral, so extreme has been this motley crew of first rate second rate men (and women) in their biblical denunciations of Seumas Milne, they make the McCarthy witchhunts seem like child's play by comparison.
Left-wing journalist Seumas Milne is the latest Labour-linked figure to become mired in controversy after was appointed to