sex addiction

Sex addiction is a label used by rich, powerful men to avoid punishment for sexually violent behaviour.
Nothing is less sexy than sex and love addiction. At best I was hooked into self-destructive circles with unavailable partners or short-lived affairs. At rock bottom I was punching myself in the face and smacking my head against the wall.
Over the last few days I've done a few interviews with the British media about Harvey Weinstein's alleged 'sex addiction'. Based on what I've read, my own view is that Weinstein is the latest in a long line of celebrities who have used 'sex addiction' as an excuse to justify their behaviour. He's not a sex addict.
In a world that will tell you at every available opportunity that you are not enough, (not sexy enough; not intelligent enough
There is no addiction. Only a diverse form of sexual behaviour.
You know that feeling where someone you love has been lying to you? That feeling of having the rug pulled from under you? Imagine that feeling generated by the person you love most in the world. Then imagine it happening again. And again, and again.
I personally interact with hundreds of women on a regular basis who have lived, and are living, through the shattering discovery that their partners and husbands have a secret sexual life. I am committed to giving them a voice so I asked them what they would tell you if they had the chance. Below is a summary of the major points they wanted you to know.
'I'm going CRAZY! Whats WRONG with me!'. If I had a pound for every woman I had heard say something like that after discovering their partners secret sexual behaviours I would never need to work another day!
Ozzy Osbourne has said he's receiving therapy for sex addiction.
Ozzy Osbourne has opened up about receiving “intense therapy” for sex addiction. But what is sex addiction and is there a
TV star Gail Porter has revealed she has received treatment for sex addiction, which she believes is linked to her bipolar
Sex addiction is a dirty phrase. The general attitude is that of a filthy joke, not an issue that should be treated as a
Katie Price has spoken out about her cheating husband Kieran Hayler’s “sex addiction”, revealing that he will be in therapy
Often people are aware of their addictive behaviour and would like to stop or slow down. However, the illusion of the addiction can be so powerful that the fear of not being able to cope without it is overwhelming and can suffocate even the smallest attempt to take control of the situation and muster the confidence to change.
Sex addiction seems to be the topic du jour in Hollywood these days. Stuart Blumberg 's Thanks for Sharing is the latest movie to broach the thorny issue that was first tackled, rather more successfully, by Steve McQueen in Shame. The jury is still out on whether sex addiction is a legitimate diagnosis or an excuse for bad behavior... but here's 10 facts to help you decide for yourself.
A few weeks ago, I joined the London Feminist Network in the leafy haven of Bloomsbury for one single purpose: to form a
In a wonderful article published some time ago in the Atlantic, Nicholas Carr asked the provocative question: Is Google making us stupid? Although it resulted in a long debate amidst academic and media circles across both sides of the pond, there are no visible signs so far that people took his message to heart.
My introduction to the sex addiction issue was recent and rather brutish. I came across an article in the Daily Telegraph's blog with this provocative title: "Sex addicts should drop the psychobabble and admit that they're just promiscuous losers".
"Is that it?" A phrase that summons to mind not only the most common response to finding out the percentage chance of Katie Price having a successful marriage, but also the sentence to leave a woman's lips that is most feared by the male populace.