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"He grabbed his wallet and dashed into the rain, like he was rushing to Target instead of another woman’s arms on Valentine’s Day."
Therapists say an ultimatum isn't as bad of an idea as you might think, but you have to tread lightly.
"I had met a lot of eligible bachelors, and after four years of being off the market, I started to wonder if I had met them at the wrong time."
Seriously, this is the best icebreaker we've ever heard of.
These are some of the most common dating profile turnoffs — from dirty mirror selfies to hunting pictures.
Times are changing and singles are ready to change with them.
"My husband lost his voice so I get to speak for him now and it’s amazing how many of our longest running arguments I’ve suddenly won."
"At my age, I felt like I was the only one getting divorced while all my friends were getting married and having babies."