sex drive

Hypersexual behaviour could be a symptom of PTSD or other mental health issues. Here’s what to look for.
Practically overnight, my lubrication levels went from zero to “ripe papaya”
In my experience, women are usually far hungrier for (good) sex than men, so I've come up with tips for coping with the situation.
Experts give us the lowdown on so-called 'sexy' foods.
Aphrodisiacs have been around since the dawn of time. If there’s a foodstuff that has a reputation as a sexual enhancer, people
Oestrogen has a lot to answer for. High circulating levels of the hormone early in a woman's adult life account for curvy hour-glass figures, and other feminine features like big eyes, pert little noses, lustrous hair and smooth skin.
For a woman to desire sex, certain interlinked variables of her overall well-being need to be optimised such as physical, emotional and relational aspects.
Throughout life, your body goes through many changes... your vagina is no different. Experiences such as puberty, sexual