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If you haven't had sex this month then don't worry, you're certainly not alone. A study of 6,000 people found that just under
One of the major surveys about the sex lives of Brits has just been published, and one of the key findings is that we aren't
Are women escaping the bonds of social stereotypes and at last achieving equal sexual rights with men? Or are they responding to a male driven agenda? If we delve a little deeper into the survey findings, we find a more complex picture.
The top three most common regrets in women's top five lists of regret were in descending order - Lost virginity to 'wrong' partner - 24% of women cite this as a top five regret, in contrast to only 10% of men. Then came 'Cheated on past or present partner' - 23% of women put this as a top five regret in comparison to 18% of men. Third was - 'Relationship progressed ''too fast'' sexually' - 20% of women put this as a top five regret, while this only applied to 10% of men.
It’s a Saturday night at approximately 11pm… and if you’re a woman you're most likely feeling frisky. Well, according to
The average Brit has sex 42 times a year, a new survey has revealed. But while some are leading lustful lives, others are