sexual expression

What if you could be openly welcomed with both your lovers at the local chemist... what if coming out as trans, queer or poly was simply one of many choices during adolescence... what if going to a dungeon to play kinky games on a Saturday night was as accepted as going out for a curry... What would the world look like?
In fact the most successful relationships are those where we can respect and love one another as we truly are. That means loving enough to allow each other to explore the fulfillment of our fundamental needs. It is the ultimate and only way to truly love...
It's been interesting to hear a range of responses to Fifty Shades of Grey. In conversation and through social media, I've heard boredom, fear, intrigue, disgust, excitement, hilarity, obsession, nonchalance, disappointment, flippancy, mild amusement, thoughtful interest and sheer fun.