sexual grooming

I reject the racial link between the criminal's and their victims, in this case being mainly Pakistani men sexually abusing white girls. The role of race has no relevance to this act of sexual deviancy, just like it has no relevance with the prolific child sex abuse cases involving Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Roman Catholic priests and the British political establishment.
Young girls were sexually exploited by a group of men who subjected them to depravity and perversion, a court has heard. Six
Jimmy Savile was a "predatory, serial sex offender" but he did not "groom the nation". He was allowed to continue abusing because he was a 'celebrity'. Pretending that he "groomed the nation" allows those who knew to minimise and deflect their guilt. Those who knew and did nothing are guilty of helping Savile in sexually assaulting hundreds of children and adults. I say hundreds but we will never know how many. The term "grooming the nation" only serves to silence victims. It serves those predatory, serial sex offenders who are still harming people.
A classroom assistant who had sex with teenage boys after grooming them on Facebook and bombarding them with illicit text
A former teacher told a girl's parents she needed extra help at school as a ruse to allow him to groom her for sexual abuse
An independent investigation is needed into England's children's homes which are failing to manage and protect youngsters
Let us be clear: sex with underage minors is a crime. A crime is a crime, whether it is committed by a white, black or Asian person. It remains a crime if done by a Muslim or Christian, a Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist.
The former head of Barnardo's has called for an investigation into the apparent "over-representation" of Asian men in grooming