sexual health week

The BBC3 documentary 'Porn: What's the Harm?' found that UK children as young as eight watch online pornography and over half will have seen hardcore porn before they start secondary school, despite it being illegal for anyone under 18.
I recently had a 14 year old girl confide in me after a lesson - she explained she had hair growing around her genitals and wanted to know what was wrong with her. She'd never seen a vulva that wasn't completely bald, and genuinely believed her body hair was unnatural and abnormal.
The depiction of women in some pornography plays into the hands of wider societal issues faced by girls. Although less blatantly, women are sexually objectified across the media, be it in over-sexualised adverts, in magazines, or on TV.
Before you get too worried, just remember that you don't have to be a sex education expert. You just have to be a parent or carer who is willing to discuss the difficult stuff. As we all know, kids come out with random and tricky questions all the time.