sexual offences

Cabinet has approved a bill which will remove the statute of limitations on prosecuting sexual assault.
A friend of mine, 25-year old Gina Martin, was enjoying British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park, London, when she caught a guy standing nearby looking at a photo of a woman's crotch on his mobile phone. To her horror, Gina realised that it was an up-skirt photo of her.
The gay community does not like coming over as ungrateful. But equally, it does not appreciate being whitewashed. It's a
I am a supporter of the Leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. He has brought world class economists into the British political debate for the first time in 35 years. He has broken the hegemony of neoconservative foreign policy. He has forced the media to admit the existence of the strong left-wing critique of the European Union. But, just as I favour withdrawal from the EU at this stage rather than once Corbyn's proposals for a Social Europe had been rejected, so I also disagree profoundly with him about the sex industry.
Hundreds of angry police officers together with former now retired colleagues, PCSOs and police staff have signed an open letter bitterly condemning both the damaging cutbacks to policing and the fact that these cutbacks have failed to become a major election issue.
DJ Neil Fox has been charged with nine sex offences involving six female complainants, three of whom were allegedly juveniles
A singer-songwriter who worked with Pink Floyd is facing charges in relation to a series of historic sex offences against
Fresh allegations have been made about disgraced veteran broadcaster Stuart Hall, police have said. Lancashire Police confirmed
The accused man was found guilty, so in terms of the law the matter is clear - the man's act was unlawful. What matters here is the implied moral judgement about the girl. He was not sent to prison and we know that these types of victims often do not get the justice they deserve.
Prosecutor Robert Colover, the barrister who labelled a 13-year-old sex attack victim as "predatory", is to be barred from