We might be used to reading their heavy prose or lengthy poetry, but now everyone from Shakespeare to De Beauvoir are having
Stephen Fry is to return to stage drama 17 years after he famously walked out of a West End production and fled the country
Acts Of Godfrey is an original new British film from writer/director Johnny Daukes which began as a poem, progressed into
I am an Indian living in Britain. I hate shaving. Having never been a creature of habit, I detest the sheer routine of tepid water and lacerated skin. This persistent sanding down of pebbledash on my face; what for? I am content with a bit of beard. Leave me be.
Doctors should to look to Shakespeare to explain their patients’ symptoms, according to a new study. Analysis of the Bard’s
It's like going to McDonald's and somehow, without expecting or ordering it, coming out with the finest haute cuisine meal of your life. I only hope we as an audience haven't had our aural taste buds numbed by too many years of fast food music to really appreciate Rebecca's talent.
I posted a blog (or did I?) the other day. Someone took offence (or did he?) and posted (or did he?) this comment: "No offense
Michael Sheen isn't the first big 'star' to play Hamlet and nor will he be the last, but is the fashion to cast 'A-list' names in Shakespeare's greatest and most exacting role really a good thing?
For non-English literature prodigies, whom Shakespeare was forced upon in secondary school, there should be some thought put in for making room for a wider range of texts who might appeal to a modern age of students. When Shakespeare's work is so deeply embedded in our culture, they've got nothing to worry about, he's sure to get to us anyway.
This is a different Hamlet. It is fully accessible, but wholly unusual. It is set in a mental asylum/prison. The main set is a circle of institutional chairs. Featuring magic, horror, child's play and dream it has more in common with an adult's therapy session than a traditional West End performance.