Bill, a thirty-year-old husband and father of three, is having a bad time settling into a permanent job. As all classic career beginnings go, Bill is a member of a music band called Mortal Coil which he leaves after going out of tune with the other three of the band. After some deliberation on his existential crisis, Bill decides what he is...
If Shakespeare smoked a bit of Elizabethan pot then fair enough. But he was also clearly a dude that must have passionately fallen in love with letters and worked at them for it's own sake and it's own buzz.
Analysis of tobacco pipes excavated from the Stratford upon Avon garden of William Shakespeare has revealed traces of cannabis
Bobbo was born into one of the world's oldest circus families and on July 8 will make a guest appearance in Simon Thompson's 'clown noir' adaptation of Shakespeare's Love' Labour Lost at the Britannia Panopticon in Glasgow.
I am a huge fan of the 'place around the corner'. We were lucky to find the beautifully designed Ristorante L'Orologio around the corner from our hotel. Outstanding food and superb service, the children loved everything they tried, as did I.
Director Kit Monkman, one of the brains behind critically acclaimed school drama The Knife That Killed Me, is currently at work in East Yorkshire on his interpretation of this timeless classic.
Whether we're into Funny Ha-Ha or Funny Peculiar, there's an almost tangible resistance with Shakespeare's jesting, perhaps that has been genetically handed down from school, bad memories of bad jokes, badly told.
The most enjoyable part of writing Circus Mania, for me, was talking to the clowns, sword-swallowers and showmen who make their life in the big top. Every one of them had fascinating stories to tell about their unique vocation, informed as it is by years of tradition.
The birthplace of poet and playwright William Shakespeare is a great place to visit - but before you head off to Stratford-upon-Avon, follow our six tips to make sure your trip is "such stuff that dreams are made of".
Questions surround the life of William Shakespeare, the most famous playwright the world has ever produced: was he really