shannon matthews

'The Moorside' contained a number of references to the McCann case.
'You’d do anything for your own children and for somebody else’s child as well.'
The parents of Madeleine McCann have reportedly slammed a new BBC drama about the disappearance of Shannon Matthews as “appalling
Although the community on the Moorside estate was shaken by the events which unfolded following the disappearance of Shannon
Karen Matthews planned to share in the £50,000 reward after her daughter was 'discovered'.
A controversial new BBC drama series which aired for the first time on Tuesday 7th February is examining the tragic real
Sheridan Smith takes centre stage tonight in the BBC adaptation of the real-life scandal surrounding the kidnapping of nine
Karen Matthew's mother also has rotten teeth from a diet of chocolate bars.
Shannon Matthews, the mother who faked the kidnap of her own daughter, has found God and is asking for forgiveness for her