shared parental leave

thriving families.jpg So SPL has failed? Absolutely not. It was always going to take time. Getting the legislation through was a massive achievement. And even a few fathers successfully taking it up is a success. What happens next is the important bit.
My first instinct when discovering that we will now leave the EU was dismay and shock. Next was concern: what lies ahead? Nobody can say. There are certainly lots of things to worry about. But as managing director of an executive coaching consultancy that specialises in Parental Transition coaching, my biggest concern was that the far-sighted parental rights won over the last 40 years, and which now contribute so much to workplace gender equality, might unravel.
Having a full blown row with your partner in front of your baby is reprehensible but sadly sometimes inevitable. And in the
All in all we're all talking about a subject that needs more awareness and more ambassadors. Having role models at senior levels will help and hopefully over time the stigma will fade.
The policy's main criticism so far is that the number of new fathers signing up is low, with many blaming cultural stereotypes for their hesitation. Employers need to address this by making role models more visible and openly communicating the available options around shared parental leave.
Whichever way I look at it, I'm currently in charge of pretty much everything that my dad views as my mum's job. In his defence, most people of his generation and earlier generations would agree with him. The traditional father and mother roles have survived for so long precisely because they are so strongly embedded in our culture.
Working grandparents can take time off to care for newborn grandchildren.
New grandparents who work at Santander will be among the first to benefit from plans to extend Shared Parental Leave. The
It seems fitting that this was the year the movie Suffragette came out. It was a reminder of how far women have travelled
Our parental leave policy allows us to move past stereotypes about what a parent can or can't be at work. We are lucky to have a culture that encourages people to create authentic relationships at work and our parental leave policy is one of the many ways that we do this.