How does Twitter bring in money in a way that doesn't push people out? This is the central question the social media platform faces when its shareholders meet next week. The answer could be that we buy Twitter as a co-op. Millions of us.
Buffett taught me that if one wishes to build wealth they should build businesses and that makes sense. The average S&P 500 company has a yield of about 1.5% after all, so if you were aiming to earn an income of say $100,000 per year you would need about $1.66 million worth of stock to earn that through dividend.
Most people have seen the spectacular fall-out from divorce cases between one impossibly-wealthy person and another, normally with the upshot that one tries to wring as much out of the other as their lawyers can muster. All of which makes for great headlines, but it's not usually an accurate reflection of most divorce settlements.
Tesco was for many years a celebrated, expanding emblem of great British business success. But with that status also comes a responsibility to be an ambassador for good corporate governance.
It's hot and sweaty in Olde London Towne. All the hotter and sweatier for me, and my Fearlessly Frank colleague Ben Little
I dedicate a day a fortnight to meet with people who inspire me and add spice to my thinking. Spending time with such people feeds my soul with new ideas. I always leave elatedly excited.
Freddie Ossberg, Founder and CEO of Raconteur Media and winner of Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010, gives tips on putting
It's probably fair to say that the re-election of James Murdoch onto the board of BSkyB doesn't seem like the biggest scandal facing the media at the moment. With the shocking allegations of abuse at the BBC and the issuing of 'privacy claims' over alleged hacking at the Daily Mirror, the fact that Murdoch remains as a director of one of Britain's biggest companies could easily have gone unnoticed.
Foreign takeovers may need to be assessed. But so too do takeovers by British companies. All takeovers should be examined, from many different angles.
Plans for a £28 billion merger between defence giant BAE and French rival EADS have been scrapped after political bickering