Sharon Olds

This week, Sharon Olds won the TS Eliot Prize - the biggest award for poetry in the UK - with her stunning collection 'Stag's
We want to choose integration and meaning over cynicism and despair. Olds happens to have achieved it. The extent to which this is evident in her work must be what convinced the judges unanimously to make of her most recent collection of poetry, as she has made of herself, an example to us all.
America's 'greatest living poet' after winning the TS Eliot prize on writing the story of her divorce, why she doesn't make
A collection of poems about the end of a marriage has won this year's TS Eliot Prize. Sharon Olds, 70, penned Stag's Leap
The T.S. Eliot Prize for a single collection is one of the most popular, prestigious, and increasingly transatlantic poetry prizes in Britain. In preparation for the shortlist reading at the Royal Festival Hall, where thousands of poetry lovers including me will shortly descend with excitement, here is an overview of this year's 10 contenders.