A man who blew up his house in a massive gas blast that killed his two-year-old next-door neighbour was jailed for ten years
The parents of two-year-old Jamie Heaton, killed in the Oldham explosion this week, have returned to the spot where their
A man arrested on suspicion of manslaughter over a fatal gas blast may have examined a boiler in one of the affected houses
Detectives investigating the death of a toddler killed in a massive explosion on Wednesday arrested a man on suspicion of
A senior police officer has compared the damage cause by a massive explosion which killed a child to the IRA's Manchester
The scene was described as looking like a war zone by residents Adam Pollard, 21, was at his mother's house just 500 yards
Detectives investigating a massive explosion that tore through a residential street leaving a child dead are treating the
It is possible to see that one house has completely collapsed Detectives investigating a massive explosion that killed a