Sheffield Wednesday

The brutal fact of the matter is that anyone who can now remember Wednesday as Champions is currently looking down the barrel of their 100th birthday and a telegram from the Queen.
As has so often been proven, making pre-season predictions about league football is the most certain way for a journalist
My heart is still beating hard following Liverpool's dramatic win on Sunday over Manchester City. Many have pointed to the
Okay, to clear things up, I'm by no means suggesting that the following seven clubs get automatic admission to the top-flight. In fact, the teams that are in the Premier League, deserve to be there... obviously. So to the likes of Hull City, Swansea City, Cardiff City, Crystal Palace and beyond, congratulations you merit your position. This is just, if I had to start the Premier League from scratch, who I would choose to be the additional founding members.
Football is tribal, football is cathartic, football is where you get to let off some steam after gritting your teeth all week. And, for all of that, you need someone to hate.
Comparing boys football to girls in terms of quality is unfair. Girls' football is growing fast but there's so many more boys playing the game. In our league alone, there are 79 teams and around 1,200 boys. The equivalent girls' league is tiny in comparison. There are very good girl players, but there's a lot fewer of them.
It is not as if politicians are more trusted than the police - a 2011 Ipsos Mori poll on which professions are most trusted - puts police well ahead of politicians in the list of those most trusted by the public. So we are putting people in charge of police who are less trusted by the public than the police themselves and this is meant to increase public confidence!
In America sport is a social occasion, not a life-and-death embodiment of their hopes and desires. When was the last time you had actual, tangible fun at a football match in England?
A 21-year-old man from Cheltenham has been arrested on suspicion of assault after former England goalkeeper Chris Kirkland
A hooligan who ran on to the pitch and assaulted a goalkeeper during a Championship football match has been identified by
Police are working to identify a man who ran on to the pitch at a Championship football match and violently slapped a goalkeeper
Tottenham Hotspur's brand of football in the 1994/95 Premiership season was as suicidal for their goalkeeper as it was superb
A Facebook page which mocked the Hillsborough football tragedy is being investigated by police. The page allegedly pointed
A campaigner for justice following the Hillsborough disaster said it was "insensitive" to use crowd control barriers for