Shell Oil

The empty egg carton of news. Even though we're notionally in the silly season, down in Australia things are far from silly
Oil companies BP and Shell are being investigated over allegations of price-fixing, distortions that could have harmed ordinary
Oil company BP is being investigated over allegations of price-fixing, it emerged on Tuesday night. The European Commission
So what makes a successful CEO stand out? The role of a CEO would be to develop a vision, strategy and financial goals for the business but evidence suggests that strong people leadership is the differentiator.
The government's strategy on business and human rights will be released imminently. To be effective this must go beyond advice and guidance and set out concrete measures to curb the human rights abuses perpetrated by some British companies, particularly in conflict zones.
Today is Ada Lovelace day. Ada Lovelace Day aims to raise the profile of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
The only reason Shell and the others can even think about drilling up there is of course because the sea ice has melted. As we know the ice has melted because we are burning too much oil.
What job does Vince Cable want? Chancellor? Foreign secretary? Prime minister?... However, documents obtained by Corporate Watch and revealed in The Huffington Post today show that it's Dr Cable's current role as 'Minister for Shell' that should be under question.
In my mind there can no longer be any doubt that we're experiencing a climate emergency of the highest order, and our government's focus should based on these latest findings and make this climate emergency their number one concern.
Looking at the posibilities alone for social media, you just have to use the examples of the Arab Spring to make note of what really is possible. In the enourmous environmental challenges we're facing we need to use both blogging and social media as a vital tool in overcoming them.