Shell Oil

21st June is Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and traditionally a day of festivals and celebration. In the high North, past the Arctic Circle, it's the first first day of the 'midnight sun' period in which the sun does not set for the rest of the summer, somewhat of a contrast to the winter months when the sun never rises.
In the wake of the leaked documents from the Heartland Institute about removing climate change from the subject you teach
Thousands of tanker drivers who deliver fuel to petrol forecourts are to be balloted for strikes in a row over safety and
If politicians are looking to turn rhetoric into action and crack down on irresponsible capitalism then in Shell we have found a corporation ripe to be held to account.
The latest ExxonMobil deal with Kurdistan region has raised few eyebrows and it has brought into focus the bitter dispute between the central Iraqi government in Baghdad and the Kurdish regional government.
A consortium including oil giants BP and Shell is to invest £10 billion in North Sea oil projects, after the UK government
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Oil is continuing to spill from a pipe below a platform in the North Sea, days after operator Shell