Shia LaBeouf

I don't understand why LaBeouf watched all of his movies consecutively in reverse chronological order. Neither do I understand why I felt innately enticed to watch him do so.
Shia LaBeouf, taking binge-watching to the extreme With a filmography as glowing as Shia’s (‘Wall Street 2’! ‘New York, I
This little girl is an excellent actress. She might even be better than Shia LaBeouf. SEE ALSO: Shia Laboeuf's Weird Motivational
If you're struggling for inspiration and just need somebody to yell your demotivated self into shape, Shia LaBeouf just became
He got roundhoused by Jean Claude Van Damme: He joined in with the Teletubbies: He invaded this chap's balcony: And he joined
Shia Laboeuf doesn't do things like normal people. Remember that time he turned up at a premiere with a paper bag on his
We’re praying to the style gods that this doesn’t signal a return of one of the worst hair crazes of all time, but seeing
Many people seem flabbergasted at the notion of a man being raped by a woman... Because a man can never have a bad sexual experience, and a woman could never be a sexual predator... right?! That's wrong folk
Gender norms are so fixed that we refuse to recognise male victims of sexual violence just as we refuse to identify female perpetrators. As a woman, I was taught from a very early age that men are always after sex, the same way I was taught that sex is not a primary drive for women. Ridiculous as both these statements sound, they're still inscribed on our social psyche.
Shia LaBeouf has stated that a woman raped him during his Los Angeles art show, #IAMSORRY. The actor makes the claim in an