If it wasn't for ships, we'd be sunk. Once, this was widely known. Docks were close to the centres of port cities and were teeming with maritime life. Our coastlines were motorways for goods and materials haulage. Rivers thronged with boats carrying people and cargo.
We now have only 20 days before we make the biggest ever decision for Scotland. It is not one that will have an impact only this year, or for the next five years, but one that will decide the futures of our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren and many generations to come.
HMS Queen Elizabeth, which we will launch today, will have a long life. The final Captain to serve on that ship hasn't even been born yet. We want Scotland's shipbuilding industry to have as long a future. The way to achieve that is to say No Thanks to separation in September.
Scotland could lose major Royal Navy shipbuilding contracts if it gains independence in next year's referendum, Cabinet ministers
BAE Systems has axed 940 jobs in Portsmouth, bringing an end to an 800-year long era of English shipbuilding. The defence
She was horribly, horribly right wing and I find it difficult to forgive her that. Despite believing in the policies she implemented (the woman really thought she was doing good) I look at the society we have today and I can see the scars her policies left behind. Enormous social immobility and a lack of political empathy.
Ever plunged yourself into something full of enthusiasm - then realised halfway through that it's taking forever and started