As we move deep into autumn, it's clear that the UK hunting and shooting season is upon us again and the many differing views on its merits or otherwise are much expressed...
A dangerous and aggressive dog is being hunted by police after it attacked and killed a number of sheep. The public is being
Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius will continue his fight for bail in the fourth day of a dramatic court hearing. The Paralympian's
The police officer leading the Oscar Pistorius investigation has been dropped from the case because he has been charged with
Three Kurdish women have been found murdered outside the Kurdish Insitute in Paris, with gun shot wounds to the head. One of the women is reportedly the co-founder of the militant Kurdish separatist movement, the PKK.
When 55-year-old Alzheimer’s sufferer Peter Russell was ‘tasered’ by police as they attempted to take him to hospital, it