sick days

It will require a judgment call on your part.
Once I had recovered from the shock that the new fucking carpet was now a spew stinking carpet, I checked whether Joseph was ok and attempted to guide him into the bathroom.
The corruption of the world's biggest currency dealers was exposed recently, leading to US and UK regulators imposing £2.6bn of fines on six major banks. Although an extreme example, what we have here is a prime illustration of how bad behaviour in the workplace can have incredibly serious consequences for the organisations involved.
UK workers were more than four times as likely to feign illness to get time off work compared with their European counterparts, meaning there is potentially at least a four fold scope for reduction of sick days in the workplace in the UK.
Lying there, wishing it would end, I was worried they would think I was skiving. Bunking off. Throwing a sickie. I didn't think they would believe I was genuinely ill.
Three siblings have all finished school without ever having a day off. Holly Ghent, 20, and siblings Daniel, 18, and Chloe
More than 600 staff were dismissed from Iain Duncan Smith's Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) for their poor work attendance