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Practically overnight, my lubrication levels went from zero to “ripe papaya”
Throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month you will see lots of articles awash with pink and telling us all to check for lumps. But when you are diagnosed with breast cancer, it is a complete shock, you know very little about what to expect and how your life will be affected.
Enjoy yourselves, people. There's nothing to be gained from living like this. It's not so much the booze I miss. It's the cigarettes. I'm absolutely dying for a fag. I'm cranky. I'm miserable. All I do is eat.
I'm not here to discount the importance of knowing about the negative drug-nutrient interactions but let's build upon the knowledge garnered to advance into an era of providing enhanced therapeutic outcomes for our patients.
Sleeping pills commonly prescribed in the UK may increase the risk of death more than four-fold, according to new research
Catherine Zeta-Jones is set to reunite with her Traffic director Steven Soderbergh in a new movie. The Rebound actress is
A leading doctor has warned against the dangers of 'pumping parties', the latest US trend that sees women administered with
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Doctors are failing cancer patients "far too often" by not spotting other medical problems caused by