Silly Season

We officially enter silly season as a woman marries her dog on This Morning, Jessie J does not want to talk about Channing Tatum in interviews, Eamon Holmes calls Ruth Langsford a racehorse and how much money do Love Island contestants make when they leave the villa?
Hasn’t it been nice over the last month to see the scary unknown just slightly fading further into the back of your mind?
Most road incidents stats refer to motorists driving long distances. But why are there high instances of crashes around the corner from where you live?
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So far from the Summer being the political 'silly season' it will be critical to pay attention to what happens this year. Your promised 'digital detox' sitting on a beach will have to wait. Instead, look forward to checking Twitter, news sites and your digital subscriptions.
From office party oopsies to Christmas present hacks, here's everything you need to know this silly season.
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A refreshing change from 'Brexit', terror and Trump
It has been the most serious 'silly season' in years. The looters' one positive notch was to defibrillate the left and right into genuine reflection about the health of British society - how sick it is, what caused it, and how to heal it.