Simon Gross

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After conflicting reports about whether she’d be returning to the house, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace finally made her ‘Big Brother
The ‘Big Brother’ house has spoken, and newbies Simon Gross, Sam Kay and Marc O’Neill are all facing eviction this week… or
We might only be three weeks into the series, but Eileen Daly has become the seventh person to be evicted from ‘Big Brother
The usually-laidback Chloe Wilburn blew her top in Thursday night’s ‘Big Brother’, after learning that Simon Gross had been
Joel Williams Finally, Simon was then showing nominating Joel, revealing: “He doesn’t involve himself enough in the house
If you thought you’d seen the last of ‘Big Brother’ contestant Simon “SHOWBIZ!” Gross, we have got some bad news for you
Harry Amelia has worked as a dominatrix, webcam girl and a fetish model who has promised we can look forward to seeing her
However, our money’s on Simon Gross making a return to the house, following his shock eviction on the first night, just an
‘Big Brother’ evictee Simon Gross has spoken out about the #AbusedBySimonGross hashtag that has been circulating on Twitter