Simon Hughes

“Two years ago we were on the backfoot, we were under attack,” says Lib Dem Simon Hughes, before adding: “Most people have
Way back when in 2012, before Brexit, before Trump, and before Honey G, a politics conference in Westminster Hall hosted
The Queen has reportedly said there appears to be more Scots MPs in Parliament following the Scottish National Party obliteration
Like Farron, Hughes is also a former party president. In the first years of the coalition Hughes served as deputy leader
We all took the view that public sympathy is with the women who are in effect sentenced to the equivalent of a death penalty whilst their children suffer the consequences. When they ask me - where were you Mummy when all these women were dying in prison, I will be proud to say I was at the HLE Debate and we didn't just talk about change we made it happen.
Former Dragons' Den star Theo Paphitis gave £10,000 to the Liberal Democrats last year, four years after donating £10,000
Simon Hughes has quit as deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat in order to become a justice minister. The Bermondsey MP replaces
George Osborne is actively considering hitting foreign property buyers with new taxes in a move to stop house prices soaring
Simon Hughes has called for a clampdown on wealthy foreign investors buying up London homes in order to stop property becoming