Simon King

So, what has happened in hurricane forecasting since Katrina? The single biggest improvement has been in the weather computer models used to predict the path of hurricanes and the associated hazards such as wind strength, rainfall amounts and storm surge.
We're celebrating Andrew WK-style after another fantastic week on blogs, topping it off today by leading with Twitter king Phillip Schofield on how grown-ups should always be there for young people on behalf of the Prince's Trust and the Samsung Celebrate Success Awards, which are backed by The Huffington Post UK.
A vigorous lobby in parliament today would have us believe that we can replace ancient woodland, rich marshland, heath and a host of other irreplaceable habitats, already pushed to the very margins of existence, by planting some trees elsewhere. You couldn't make it up.
Police want to trace a man in connection with a burglary after he was captured on camera by a renowned wildlife photographer
A BBC weatherman helped to deliver his baby daughter at home after his wife unexpectedly reached the later stages of labour
Have you ever wondered why your pet cat rubs up against your legs, kneads your thighs with its forepaws or sleeps on top of a wardrobe? These, and many other behaviours, can be attributed to the tiger lurking within your pet tigger.
A photograph of a red squirrel captured mid-scurry has been named the overall winner of the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards