Simon Weston

So apart from the PR and marketing of your book how else can you get it noticed in the wider world?
'Whatever happened to all the heroes?', sung British punk rock legends The Stranglers on their 1977 classic No More Heroes. Indeed, in today's post-crash landscape, its lyrics are perhaps more relevant than ever.
Love is both a noun and a verb; it implies an act of doing and a type of being. The nearest relation to deep love is divineness: a God-like act, devoid of all ambiguity yet honest and true.
Falklands veteran Simon Weston has pulled out of the race to become one of the UK's first high-powered civilian police bosses
The Government has accused Argentina of being insensitive and disrespectful after it broadcast a television advert showing
US actor Sean Penn has been pictured wearing traditional Bolivian traditional dress during his tour of South America, where
Lord Prescott set himself on a collision course with senior police officers on Monday, after he said elected police commissioners
Falklands veteran Simon Weston will go head-to-head with a former first minister of Wales in the fight to become the first