Catherine's songs still have that uncanny quality of sounding, on first listen, like something you've already known and loved for some time but - like many songwriters - she's reluctant to describe her process.
John discovered that his first album had an incipient following in 2002 when a journalist, Mark Luffman, emailed him from Australia after finding the LP in a car-boot sale. "He raved about it. No one had ever said such nice things," says John. "It was considered a complete failure by my record company and management - they saw it as an experience best forgotten".
David Gray hasn't released a record for four years. What's been going on - swimming in his LA pool, counting his White Ladder
With flowing blonde hair and wonderfully throaty, just the right side of posh, voice, Lydia is an entrancing individual. After some waffling about my terrible sat-nav skills, the chat thankfully soon turns to her embryonic music career.
It might be surprising that an artist like Tori Amos has managed to produce three - count 'em - retrospectives of her work