single market

While politicians fail to understand the basics of the Single Market and customs unions, retailers are spending millions mitigating the risk of a ’no-deal’ Brexit – this cannot continue
Corbyn's party will support Common Market 2.0, alongside proposals for a customs union and a second referendum.
A 'Norway-style' Brexit could find itself in much the same position as May’s deal proved to be – with few friends who are willing to take it to heart
Customs Union membership solves nothing on its own and creates significant risk for British industry and jobs, especially in Labour’s traditional heartlands
Instead of 'red lines' and shouting at each other, the biggest political crisis of our lifetimes will only be resolved by listening
The former party leader believes it is 'fundamental to the wellbeing of the country'
I urge Labour colleagues from every corner of Britain to stand up for your constituents and vote to protect jobs and defend workers’ rights
I was a British diplomat for nearly 40 years and spent a fair proportion of that time promoting British trade - the single market was a magnet, never a hindrance
Staying in might not be the choice of the government or the opposition, but it is the option that will do the least damage to Britain’s economy
Will the Labour leader shift his single market position?