single mothers

Every parent knows that special look that their son or daughter can unleash on them, at a moment's notice, if they desperately
Why should romantic idealism and hard-to-keep promises hamper the making of human life after all?
Friendship: A chance meeting that develops into fun, memories and a million WhatsApp messages. Your only agenda for being there is because you want to be, it's a bond built on pure appreciation of a particular person. Maybe that's why a friends pain can sometimes feel like a personal attack.
It's 37 minutes past seven in the evening and I'm wondering if I should write about a slightly taboo topic. Taboo because no-one wants to receive the backlash of opinions when speaking for or against single parenthood!
This week it was revealed that One Nation candidate David Archibald wrote a 2015 paper claiming that single mothers were
So, if you're prone to gazing in to strangers windows and wishing you were snuggled up with your partner watching the kids open their presents in front of a log fire (we can all dream, right?), then this advice may help you make it through the festive season without too many emotional meltdowns.
Out of the single mums I do know, we are all hardworking professionals, some with mortgages, some privately renting and yes some in local authority buildings, but what strikes me with all of us and when I say us, I'm talking about from personal experience from those around me. What strikes me is the strength that we all have.
The array of negative stereotypes about single mums* are pretty diverse: we can't control our children; they lack attention, and don't learn positive family values**. Hell, some claim our little ones are more likely to turn to drugs.
When mums are going on a date they are leaving their beloved offspring with someone that isn't them, which means they tend to worry a tad. So yep, if your mum date sees a notification flashing up on their screen they will of course look at it. But it totally doesn't mean you are boring them (probably)!
Finally, after 5 long, hard years, I'm just weeks away from graduating from dental school. This is something that seemed almost impossible a few years ago; when I found out I was pregnant during my second year of this difficult course. Even more impossible when, at 7 months pregnant I also became single.