I found myself at a bit of a loose end on Sunday; I thought I should do something completely different (usually Sunday afternoon is spent in the pub). I would learn how to survive a Sunday on my own, not just survive but enjoy, without the pub.
Hand in hand St Valentine and Cupid (great image) contribute to this multi-million pound industry without even signing off on it. The names of a Saint and a God used to line the pockets of the fat cats, would they approve do you think?
You’re going to boss those resolutions.   7. You can focus all your energy on what you want from 2017. Read more on The Huffington
Being dumped is never nice, but Christmas is an especially terrible time to be newly single. All the awkward family parties
8. The too-close-to-home answer.  “When you’re lonely and single, you have options; when you’re lonely and married, you’re
It's not about being on the first team, it's about playing the game
Matched with someone on Tinder and want to scope them out before committing to weeks of Tinder admin and a disappointing date? Here I lay it down on the most effective ways to stalk a Tinder match... You're welcome!