Siobhan Benita

The resurgent Evening Standard newspaper in London, which still manages to look and read like a real newspaper whilst being
There has been a lot of discussion at the Leveson Inquiry about the desirability of having a much clearer distinction in our print media between what is news and what is comment. Lord O'Donnell, Alastair Campbell and Andrew Marr have all given their thoughts on this over the past few days and I hear it's already standard practice in America for such a distinction to be made.
When the history books on the 2012 London Mayoral elections are written, the Evening Standard's claim to be London's paper may not stand up to much scrutiny; unless backing the winning horse by tripping up it's opponents rates as great service.
Polls have closed in the London Mayoral and Assembly election and while there is no formal exit poll, Boris Johnson is widely
The capital city's four million women residents are more likely to live in poverty, experience a wider pay gap, and are less likely to work once they have children than women living elsewhere. In fact, London has the lowest level of maternal employment in the country: just over half of the city's mothers with dependent children work - compared to almost two thirds across the UK.
Having spent the last 16 weeks on the campaign trail where I have watched the dominant BorKen show up close, I'm more sure than ever that we need new voices in UK politics and much more diversity of public leaders. We need politicians who are in touch, more willing to listen, less egotistical and not stifled by inflexible party lines. We need more women, more ethnic minorities and more people with different life and professional experiences. I hope that many of you choose to give your first vote to me.
As I leave her grandiose adopted office on the Southbank, I can't help but think that if such an outsider as Siobhan Benita were to make it into City Hall at the expense of the megabucks political play-makers, then it must surely be a victory not just for her, but for democracy too.
Londoners who are still wondering which way to vote in the mayoral elections next week can at least enjoy an insightful tipple
The former head of the civil service has attacked the BBC and ITV for their "pathetic" decision to exclude independent candidates
Independent London Mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita is having a very good campaign so far. Despite getting a fraction of