Siobhan Benita

Mayor Boris Johnson was caught in a fiery exchange with Ken Livingstone on Wednesday night, accusing his Labour opponent
Today is Mother's Day and as a mother myself I want to say one thing, "Children and young people in London are a huge asset to this city."
I have to admit that I may have developed a bit of a blogging habit, one which allows me to let off steam, set out my stall and highlight the errors of others, all from the comfort and safety of my own front room. It's all rather satisfying and therapeutic, but I do want to put my new addiction to best use.
To the powers that be at the BBC, ITV and other major broadcasters - there are more than two candidates in this year's mayoral election. Take a punt and give a fresh and - there, I've said it - female voice, a bit of airspace. Most people I meet nowadays ask me why I joined the mayoral race. It is simple