Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Edward alluded to a Smog-era London, where we'd brave an old, grey peasouper engulfing the capital to meet up at a secret hostelry of a venue. The true destination was a more prosaic Covent Garden chain boozer, but I much preferred Higgins' mythical version.
On a recent trip to Switzerland I had the opportunity to join a group of Sherlockians (Sherlock Holmes fans). The Sherlock Holmes Society of London were visiting the Bernese Oberland. It was this beautiful landscape that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of Sherlock Holmes.
The sight of Sherlock Holmes flirting with a "defrocked" dominatrix or wrestling with his personalised ringtone has proved irresistible to fans of the BBC's Sherlock.
The second series of the contemporary Sherlock is a tent-pole in the BBC's schedule for New Year's Day, following its phenomenal