Sir Chris Hoy

Sir Chris Hoy has found a brand-new gym buddy in the form of his super cute nine-month-old son, Callum Hoy. Chris Hoy's wife
This model explains why you react a certain way in certain situations. It's not how you the human would behave, but the inner chimp or computer takes over and you carry out an action based on jumping to a conclusion rather than the human side of the brain that would look for facts.
‘Strictly Come Dancing’ judge Darcey Bussell has revealed that the team have been trying to convince Sir Chris Hoy to take
He's only in his first full season of motor racing, so it's reasonable to expect Sir Chris Hoy to come a cropper occasionally
Foy sent Mourinho to the stands on Saturday Hoy, who was at the Revolution Series event at the London Velodrome on Saturday
As Scots we understand that we benefit from the deep and diverse partnerships that make up the United Kingdom. As Scots - like everyone else - we live in an increasingly inter-connected world that demands shared solutions to shared problems. Walking away from others have never been our way. Walking with others has been our heritage and still represents our best future.
Olympic athlete Chris Hoy, 37, recently announced his retirement from competitive cycling after winning 11 world titles. Retirement is often treated as a taboo subject in the world of sport so what happens to sports figures when they retire and why do so many struggle to cope?
Six-time Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy is to retire from competitive cycling. The 37-year-old Scot was contemplating continuing
As the last of the Autumn leaves fall and memories of London 2012 start to recede, various highlights will surely remain such as the unexpected tears of Sir Chris Hoy, perhaps. Or maybe the exhilaration of the Mobot moment.
After his gold medal heroics at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Sir Chris Hoy has reflected on 17 extraordinary days for Team