Sir Jimmy Savile

At least 500 victims as young as two were abused by the shamed television presenter Jimmy Savile during his reign as one
A High Court judge has approved a compensation scheme for victims of sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile. Mr Justice Sales sanctioned
The law is complex and the evidence varies but it is the evidence that matters and trials are for juries on the available evidence and on the applicable law, not speculation. William Roache can go back to work whilst the public wait for a verdict on Dave Lee Travis
There has been an increase in the reporting of historic sexual offences since revelations about Jimmy Savile, according to
An 82-year-old man from Berkshire has been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences as part of the Jimmy Savile sex abuse
Police inspectors have warned there was a "distinct possibility" that officers could fail to prevent another Jimmy Savile
Police restricted access to intelligence that could have exposed Jimmy Savile's sex crimes because it involved celebrity
Thirty-one victims of alleged sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile are to sue the BBC and the estate of the late DJ and 'Jim'll Fix
Jimmy Savile is the subject of 31 rape allegations, police investigating the sex abuse scandal surrounding the late star
Late Liberal Democrat MP Sir Cyril Smith had a close friendship with Jimmy Savile, The Sun has revealed. Smith, who died
A relative of Jimmy Savile has called for his body to be exhumed and cremated out of respect for other bereaved families
Jimmy Savile's name is to be removed from Scarborough's list of Freemen of the Borough, as residents called for his body
The BBC's predictable enemies are beginning to use the scandal to attack the very idea of a publically-funded, non-commercial broadcaster.
If we are to challenge a culture of abuse, we must listen to our children. We must also create a society where all are listened to, regardless of gender, class or race. Only then might such systematic abuses become a thing of the past.
Jimmy Savile's closest relatives spoke for the first time on Saturday, explaining their reasons for having the late TV presenter's
Police investigating the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal are dealing with around 300 alleged victims, Scotland Yard revealed on
Kerry Katona has had her say on the Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal, revealing she always believed he was a "pervert" because
Five leading women's rights organisations have demanded the BBC investigate "institutional sexism" in the wake of allegations
Jimmy Savile's former personal assistant has said the disgraced TV star "thought he was untouchable". Janet Cope spoke out
Allegations of abuse against the former DJ date back to the 1960s Talking generally about controversy at the BBC, he added